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TCU Parent Webinar: What’s happening at TCU Fall 2020


The semester is drawing to a close.  Finals extend from November 18 – 24 and then most of your students will be home until they return to campus for spring 2021 classes beginning on January 19, 2021.  I encourage your students, regardless of classification, to use this time to talk with or shadow someone in the career field they have chosen or several in which they have an interest to find out more directly what the career entails: This is time not usually afforded them over the holidays!  Always using every opportunity to learn!

A good number of you joined my colleagues and me on Sunday afternoon, October 18 for the Parent Webinar: “What’s Happening at TCU!”  We shared a lot of information with those listening and promised to get the webinar in its entirety out to everyone!  Here is it! Enjoy!

Go Frogs!